Isolated Abandonment - Janosch Werkmeister

The ideology of the American dream and the exploration of the Wild West is stamped throughout the landscapes of the isolated towns around America. As the gold ,railroad and highway bubbles expanded and eventually burst America was left with traces, reminders and memories of the past.

These booming towns became ghost towns, shadows of the past destined to evolve into places that are slowly returning back to their original state as they decay and get torn down by the elements of nature. Yet there are still signs of life in many of the towns that often creates an uncanny sensation. Traces of the few people and families that have not let go. As you drive through these places you often wonder how anybody could or even would want to live in such an environment. There is a sense of stillness and uneasiness in these places, especially in the depths of the darkness of night.

This body of work captures the essence of the isolation and abandonees felt at these towns and the memories of the past. The choice of nocturnal imagery enhances the notion of abandonment and isolation by separating the buildings from the landscapes behind and illuminating them in a strange combination of intense and contrasting light that makes you focus on the most important elements of the pictures. The combination of natural moon light and artificial lights sets a surreal environment that is visually entertaining through its unusual characteristics and the fact that such combinations are rarely seen in photography as the concept of photographing at night defies the nature of the traditional photograph.


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